Altar-boys (Acolytes)

Altar Boys (Acolytes) have the responsibility to assist clergy in celebrating services. The Holy Altar is the most sacred part of the Church, and serving as an Altar Boy is a great honor and privilege. At St. Paraskevi, we welcome all young men over the age 8 to participate. 

Through active participation in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and holidays, Altar Boys learn about the Divine Liturgy, other services and the fundamental sacraments of the church.

The role of the Altar Boy remains a genuine and vital one in the Eucharistic Assembly of the faithful, as well as in the other services. He stands ready to serve God in this capacity. It is a stewardship of the young; a service that they give to God as their regular Sunday offering of time and talent.

All the actions and all of the movements of the Altar Boy serve to uplift the congregation in their time of worship. The way he performs these actions, and the actions themselves, brings the people in the congregation to a greater understanding of the Divine Liturgy. This is true of the other divine services as well. He serves to bring the people to a greater love for God, closeness to God and serenity of the soul. The Altar Boy has a place of honor in the Divine Liturgy because it is he who assists the Priest in so many ways. His behavior and performance can be a sign of his faith, his love and his prayer life for God and for God’s people.

  • Altar Boys serve every Sunday as well as Holy Week, Pascha and major feasts.
  • Orthodox boys in the parish attending church school and over the age of 8 may serve as an Altar Boy.
  • Altar Boys must be on time each Sunday (10:00am) and participate at the special services throughout the year.

To inquire about the Altar Boy program or to register a child for the Altar Boy program, please contact