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St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church of Greenlawn

The St. Paraskevi Greek School provides a quality Greek education to the Greek American community. Children learn to foster an appreciation for their Greek heritage, and their spiritual and cultural identity. The philosophy of our school is to identify the characteristics and needs of our students and offer classes that will meet the needs of today’s Greek American students.

We have small class sizes that offer each student individualized attention. Our program has classes from Pre-K to sixth grade and then followed by a Regents Prep class. Emphasis is put on the significance of the Hellenic-Christian education, which sets the foundation for our culture. Our students learn to read and write the Greek language. They also learn about our Greek culture (singing folk music and dancing folk dances), religion, history, and mythology. Our program includes several festive celebrations: OXI Day, Christmas Carol Singing, Three Hierarchs Day, Greek Independence Day, and the Graduation Ceremony.

We are immensely proud of the fact that students that take the Regents exams every year receive excellent grades. We also have students that have taken the “Ellinomathia” examinations and have scored “excellent”. Several of our students participate in the annual Greek Spelling Bee competition and perform very well.

An integral part of the success of our school is the teaching staff. All are qualified to teach the Greek language and the majority are teachers in the Public-School system. The School is also supported by a very energetic PTA. We urge all parents to join and support the school and PTA.

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Our program, established over 50 years ago, operates every Saturday from 9:30 am -1:00 pm, from September until June. Typically, the first day of classes is the third Saturday of September and the last day of classes is the first Saturday in June. A detailed schedule is published prior to the start of each school year.

Please support our effort to start the new year on a successful note by signing up your children in a timely manner so they can get the benefit of their education.

Registration forms are available in the Church Office, online, as well as in the Monthly Message. Tuition can be paid by check, credit card and/or monthly installments.

For further information about our Greek School program, please contact the Church Office at (631) 261-7272.


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